Wednesday, March 31, 2010

it was negative.

not sure who i was kidding to think it would work.

maybe im not meant to be a mother.


  1. Stop it right now!! You are going to be a wonderful mother one day. This just wasn't the time. I know that sucks to hear, cause I hate it when people say it to me, so sorry but it really is true. We have to believe there is another plan in store. I just want you to know Im thinking of you. Don't give up, you have to keep trying. It doesn't always work the first time. Email me if you want to vent.


  2. So sorry that it didn't work this time :( I hope you find it in you again to keep were brought this far for a reason. I know the feeling of thinking it is not meant to be, but you have the passion to be a mother for a reason. Please, don't give up...that is the easy route and nothing worth a damn is ever easy, YOU CAN DO THIS BEAUTIFUL LADY!

  3. Don't give up! I am praying for you.