Friday, March 5, 2010


It has begun! I gave myself my first injection about 20 minutes ago -- it wasn't bad at all. I barely felt it.

I got a sonogram today as well as a baseline blood work-up. Everything is perfect! I also have 11 follies on my left ovary and 12 on my right ovary. They are all small but they're there!!! The nurse told me that the set-up is going perfect right now. Gave me a great metaphor about what is going on right now, too: "Picture this as a horse race. All the horses are lined up behind the gates. We want all the horses to finish at the same time, but if one or two horses go a little faster that's ok -- but to finish at the same time is what we want." It made sense to me!

I couldn't be any more excited to stab myself with a needle!

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